Urbana rum. En analys av Majkens vuxenblivande i Martha Sandwall-Bergströms romantrilogi om familjen Oskarsson

  • Lydia Wistisen
Keywords: Martha Sandwall-Bergström, identity construction, urban space, social space, young adult literature


‘‘Urban space: An examination of the coming of age of Majken in Martha Sandwall-Bergström’s novel trilogy about the Oskarsson family.’’ In this article I examine the ways in which Martha Sandwall-Bergström uses urban places and milieus to depict the coming of age of the protagonist Majken in Aldrig en lugn stund hos Oskarssons (1952), Allt händer hos Oskarssons (1953) and Majken Stolt, född Oskarsson (1954). With support from Henri Lefebvres concept of social space, I argue that Sandwall-Bergström employs the social spaces of the city to depict Majken’s development.

In her search for a new identity Majken moves trough a variety of social spaces, typical for a big city of the 1950’s. My point is that the actual searching takes place in the public spaces of the inner city, on streets, in shopping malls and nightspots. This can be read as a period of development and freedom before Majken has to adjust herself to a more conventional way of life. The trilogy describes a circular movement from one home to another but at the same time also a social journey. Repeatedly Sandwall-Bergström contrasts the overcrowded and dirty working class apartment of Majken’s childhood with the bright and clean spaces of urban modernity.

Keywords: Martha Sandwall-Bergström; identity construction; urban space; social space; young adult literature

(Published: 11 December 2013)

Citation: Barnboken tidskrift för barnlitteraturforskning/Journal of Children’s Literature Research, Vol. 36, 2013 http://dx.doi.org/10.3402/clr.v36i0.23344

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